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Italy 2011
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Italy 2011

Know that you are God's gift ...
Trust that you are God's gift ...
Love that you are God's gift.

- In Adoration in Rome

Here are a few notes on my pilgrimage journey ...

Journal Entry from the Basilica of St. Clare in Assisi
Make your home holy! Spend time with Christ and be a "saint" to where pilgrims will one day visit your home because you are a holy example for them.

Pilgrimage to the Holy Face in Manoppello (Veil of Veronica)
When you don't speak Italian, it's a bit rough. Here are some notes.

Photo Album
I didn't take a lot of photos, but here are a few.

I started composing an email in Assisi that was never sent. Written from a unique perspective. You were warned.

In Adoration
I ask you to "take up YOUR cross". I bore your sins, and the sins of your family, friends and enemies. Therefore, amen I say to you, Theodore (GIFT of God): take up YOUR cross and follow Me. Bring your sins and your hurts, and follow Me. Take up the way people have hurt you and follow Me.

Dawg's Thought
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